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Regain Your Dental Health, Well-being And Smile With Restorative Dentistry

Oral disease, tooth decay and trauma can have a significant impact on your overall health as well as causing a loss of confidence in your smile and social interaction. 

Restorative dentistry is a group of treatments that deal with a range of oral health issues, and include:


Crowns – used to cover or support teeth with large fillings and where there is not much of the original tooth left. A crown can restore tooth strength and cover teeth that are discolored or badly shaped. They are also used with dental implants to replace teeth that have been removed.

White Fillings

White Fillings – are used to restore decayed teeth with a strong filling, and are extensively used to replace old amalgam fillings. In some cases, porcelain inlays may be used where tooth damage isn’t too extensive.

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment – this is the treatment used when the blood or nerve supply of the tooth is infected through decay or injury.

Root canal treatment (also called endodontics) is needed when the blood or nerve supply of the tooth (known as the pulp) is infected through decay or injury.

The aim of the treatment is to remove all infection from the root canal and then the root is cleaned and filled to prevent any further infection. A root canal treatment will typically require 2 or 3 visits to the dental surgery.

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