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Teeth Whitening Treatments For A Bright, Sparkling Smile

Are you hiding your smile because of stained teeth? You’re not alone, stained teeth are a common cause for lack of confidence, but now there are safe and reliable ways to whiten your teeth for a bright and sparkling smile.

One of the most common and effective whitening treatments available today is Zoom Whitening.

Zoom Whitening gives you the options of in-chair teeth whitening at our Bowral Street Dental Practice or if you prefer there is a take-home kit option for you to use in the convenience of your own home.

A whitening treatment at our Dental Practice will produce results more quickly than if you use a home kit, but using your Zoom kit at home means you can apply the treatment when it’s convenient for you.

Every patient is different. We’ll examine your teeth and discuss both the options available and our recommendation for your teeth.

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