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The Magic of Clear Aligners: How it Works and Who Is It for

The Magic of Clear Aligners: How it Works and Who Is It for

Clear aligners have become a popular treatment option for straightening crooked or protruding teeth due to their aesthetic appeal and multiple benefits. There are different types of aligners, with the most common type of clear aligner being Invisalign®. Clear aligners are also commonly known as ‘invisible braces’ because of their subtle and transparent appearance, especially compared to the more traditional braces.

How Do Clear Aligners Work?

So, how do clear aligners work? The first step is to make an appointment with your dentist, where your teeth will be x-rayed and where a 3D scan will be taken of your mouth to create a virtual model of your teeth.

The scans of your teeth will then be uploaded to a special software where you can see what your teeth will look like with the aligners and make any changes you like. Once you’re happy with the results, the impression of your mouth will be sent to a laboratory where your aligners will be made.

Aligners are made in sets, and how many there are depends on your specific orthodontic or aesthetic needs. Each aligner set needs to be worn for a certain amount of time. Most people only need to wear aligners for around 3-8 months. Making regular appointments with your dentist for check-ups, wearing your aligners for the right amount of time and changing the different sets when you’re supposed to will ensure you get the most successful results from your clear aligners.

Who Are Clear Aligners For?

Clear aligners work well for teenagers and adults with crooked, misaligned, or protruding teeth who want to fix their teeth for both health and aesthetic reasons.

The Benefits of Clear Aligners

Clear aligners have many benefits, including:

  • Appearance: Clear aligners have a very subtle, transparent appearance compared to braces, which makes it easier for individuals to wear.
  • No limitations with diet: There are no rules or restrictions with your diet, as your aligners can be easily removed whenever you eat. That means you can still enjoy all your favourite foods!
  • Oral care: You can continue with your teeth brushing and flossing routine as usual once your aligners have been removed.
  • Comfort: Once your mouth has adjusted to your clear aligners, they become comfortable to wear, especially compared to braces.
  • Convenience: Because your aligners are custom-made for you, having the aligner trays adjusted every few weeks is a quick and easy process that is completed by your dentist.
  • Faster treatment: Wearing clear aligners can give you your dream smile quicker than wearing braces does.
  • End result: Aligners give you a healthy, beautiful new smile.

Clear aligners have paved the way for a new type of orthodontic treatment that is painless, comfortable, quick and discreet. You can now have a say in how you want your teeth and smile to look and play an active role in your oral treatment.

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